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Making Colloidal Silver

By Vince Goetsch © 1997- 2014 Synergenesis, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Making colloidal silver can involve a wide variety of material descriptions as has been pointed out in previous sections. Depending on the intended use or application, the process to create the colloidal material will be different.

If you have found your way to this web site, it is our experience that you are seeking a way to affordably acquire or produce colloidal silver of the type that is a hydrosol. More specifically, meaning that you seek a form of colloidal silver that is only pure silver infused into only pure water as the dispersion medium. If that is the case you are in the right place, if you are seeking any other type of colloid then this web site is not what you are looking for.

Have you have been looking for an inexpensive way to make small consistent batches of colloidal silver as a hydrosol? If so, then we suggest that you review our reliable yet inexpensive Colloid Master.

Colloid Master®

Made in the U.S.A. with quality commercial grade components.

The Colloid Master is professionally designed, engineered and constructed.

Comes as a complete kit and includes:

  • One Colloid Master® Universal
  • 110 or 220/240 Volt power supply
  • One pair of 99.9 percent pure silver electrodes
  • One pair electrode connection wires
  • Electrode cleaning pad
  • Easy to implement instructions

* Very easy to use and operate!

* Safe low voltage.

* Complete kit, just add distilled water & jar.

* Manufacturer direct pricing!

* It comes ready to use with silver electrodes and power supply.

* Adjustable PPM control.

* Automatic shut off.

* Attractive industrial enclosure.

* Portable, Colloid Master AC 1 1/2 inches high 5 1/2" wide 4 inches long.

* The Colloid Master Universal is 2" high 4" inches long 7 1/2 inches wide.

* Rugged commercial grade components.

* Makes one quart or one gallon batches.

* Reasonably priced!

* Reliable, trusted and perfected since 1998.

* Works with .999 silver electrodes 6 by 1/4 or 1/2 inch, 28 gauge.

* One pair of electrodes lasts about 1 year or more, depending on use.

* Electrokinetic stirring, no need for pumps or mechanical stirring.

For details see the links to your upper right.

The Colloid Master was designed for ease of use and automated so that the results are consistent.


Make your own colloidal silver.

We always support users of the Colloid Master in terms of its basic use, however, the Colloid Master is sold simply as an instrument to make stable colloidal dispersions inexpensively. We are a small company and are not staffed to support consulting needs, and we do not address issues other than the basic use of the Colloid Master, thanks in advance for your consideration.

Making and researching colloidal silver can involve a wide variety of disciplines, depending on the intended use or application, the process to create the colloid will be different.

For instance making a super conductor, CPU or other electrical device would require an approach that may or may not be entirely different from mineral water used for biomedical clinical trials and research by professionals with regard to dietary use.

One of the reasons research using colloidal silver has been inhibited, is that it has been cost prohibitive. Historically the price range runs from about $1.00 USD an ounce to $9.00 USD an ounce, research using gallons at that price can get very expensive.

Our equipment solves this and several other problems in this regard: We have reduced the cost to produce an ounce of colloid to just pennies per ounce, the equipment makes a product that is stable and consistent, the process requires almost no labor since it is automated and has an automatic shut off when the process is completed.

One set of 1/4 inch electrodes makes approximately 50 Quarts at 10 ppm. The cost at the time of this writing for a pair of electrodes is $15.00 USD.

As you can imagine there is a multiplicity of possible applications for colloidal silver, for instance if one is making a product that can be used a cleaning substance, disinfectant, stain remover, sanitizer etc., may or may not be an entirely different approach than when making CPUs, electronics, bacteria proof buildings, water treatment equipment, dental waste water sterilization equipment etc.

Since our focus is on the form that is most accurately described as "mineral water", that is that process we have designed the equipment to produce. The resulting colloid could be researched for many uses such as: a cleaning substance, disinfectant, antibiotic, stain remover, sanitizer, plant growth stimulator, life extender for cut flowers, making CPUs, electronics, bacteria proof buildings, water treatment equipment, dental waste water sterilization equipment etc. However; we do not warrant the device for a particular purpose!

As mentioned before; many things can be considered colloidal, human cells, plant cells, pathogens, clay used as casting slip in ceramics, polymer latex, nanoparticles, emulsions, micro-emulsions, liposomes, paints, inks, cosmetics, self leveling concrete just to name a few generalizations.

Many industries employ colloidal chemistry, such as paper mills, electronic component manufacturing, geology, pharmacology, medicine, food industry, water purification etc.

Although the equipment has been designed so that it is so simple to operate that virtually no formal training is required to operate the equipment, it should not be assumed that the equipment is simplistic or inferior. In fact we back it up with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and 3 year warranty.

The Colloid Master (R) was designed with the professional in mind, and automated, so that the results are consistent. This also frees up time, so efforts can be focused on the use of the resulting product.

The development team designed the device for optimal economic efficiency. For instance, instead of needing a proprietary container for production, or lab glass, it works with a standard size 32 ounce canning jar.

The equipment is designed to produce a consistent product, although there are variables to consider that effect the process. The FAQs link at the top of every page discusses these and other insights and considerations as well as more information about the advanced use of the Colloid Master.


How hard is the equipment to use? Here is a list of required skills and equipment.

The required skills to produce colloidal silver using the Colloid Master are as follows:
(1) Needed 32 ounces of and a 32 ounce canning jar .

(2) Pour 32 ounces of distilled water into the jar.

(3) Insert electrodes so that they hang into the water filled jar.

(4) Attach one of the two wires coming out of the back of the Colloid Master to each silver electrodes.

(5) Plug in the wall transformer, then plug it into theColloid Master (R) an led signifies proper function of the unit.

(6) Turn a dial to set the desired PPM, then press the start button, a green led light signifies the process is active and the green led goes off at the end of the process, while another red lights bright to signify that the process is complete. There are details for handling the finished product that are in the instruction manual.

That doesn't sound too difficult does it?

Special note: If one is planning to make silver water / colloidal silver as a dietary supplement, the burden is solely upon the user to make sure they are compliant with established laws, we do not warrant the Colloid Master (R) for such use, it is intended for research and educational purposes only!

We are convinced that the colloid produced with the Colloid Master (R) is superior to or equal to the best most stable colloidal silver available via any process, (when one is meaning by colloidal silver: Silver self suspended in water and no additives!).

If you are not aware, colloidal silver has been regulated by the FDA, for links to information about the regulations and relevant documents you can visit the "Reading Room" link at the top of all of our web pages.


Are you familiar with colloidal silver, but new to making colloidal silver?

Whenever we begin something new, we pass through four phases.

  1. Ignorance (Unconscious Incompetence)
    We don’t even know that we don’t know.  Before you learn to swim or drive a car, you have no awareness of your lack of ability.  This is the stage of “ignorance is innocence.”
  2. Awkwardness (Conscious Incompetence)
    We are painfully aware of our inability.  This is the stage where a lot of people quit trying.  It is uncomfortable, awkward, embarrassing.  One finds themselves moving beyond their comfort zone as awareness of uncertainty as to ability, vulnerability, perceived most often as treat to self-esteem and risk.
  3. Concentration (Conscious Competence)
    We are starting to figure it out, but confidence is not yet felt, but thought to be possible.  We have to think about how to do it.  It takes effort and energy.
  4. Mastery (Unconscious Competence)
    We are naturals, in the zone, the task is nearly effortless. The task is fun and rewarding.  We have reached a level of owning the skill, where it becomes automatic and part of our self-identity.

The average person will quit around phase two, because it may become “too uncomfortable.” Because the Colloid Master is automated, the learning curve is reduced to a minimal. This allows virtually anyone to go from being inexperienced to becoming a colloid master, with the least amount of the pain and awkwardness, and for the most part, avoiding the usual phases one goes through to become competent at such a task.

Our reading room and self help area are also there to assist you in gaining understanding and develop confidence, and that is not an easy accomplishment, because overall this is a truly complex science. That said, if you have made the decision to give it a go, and you already have an understanding of what colloidal silver is and what you want to do with it, then we think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you can accomplish with the Colloid Master!

In any case, we have a 30 day money back policy, and the reason we have been able to make that offer for 13 years at the time of this writing, is because all it does is make people feel at ease, virtually one one ever sends a unit back. Still it is our policy should you actually decide to invoke it, and we will refund you minus shipping charges no questions asked.

Colloid Master Universal

Colloid Master ® Universal Only $179 Details

Easy to use, safe low-voltage, fully automatic shut-off, adjustable ppm from 5-20 parts per million, colloidal silver maker, colloidal silver generator.

Complete kit including silver electrodes. This is our most versatile and durable model. Professionally engineered, can be powered on 110 AC, 220 - 240 AC & optionally on 12 Volts DC.

Manufacturer direct pricing.

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Colloidal Silver Generator

Colloid Master ® AC
Only $139 Details

Easy to use, safe low-voltage, fully automatic shut-off, ppm adjustable from 5-20 parts per million, colloidal silver maker/ colloidal silver generator.

Complete kit including silver electrodes. This is our most economical professionally engineered model. Runs on 110 AC only.

Manufacturer direct pricing.

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